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Interior designers who know what they’re doing can assist you in creating your dream space. They can assist you in realising your preferred style by guiding you through the process of developing interior design ideas, as well as each step of the decorating and furnishing process. We’ve compiled a list of the top 17 interior designers to consider to style your humble abode or chic office.

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Singaporean's Guide to Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design

If you want to furnish your home in Singapore in Scandinavian style: Don’t forget about its central concept – functional and minimalist hygge.

Create an airy atmosphere, and remove all those things you have not used for a long time. Use light shades of natural fabrics and materials to give your home warmth and comfort.

Use natural neutral light; warm and cold will be out of harmony. Bring a piece of nature, and decorate your home with plants.

Want to furnish your home in Singapore in a Scandinavian style, but IKEA furniture seems too shabby for you? Visit the shops of Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish minimalist furniture manufacturers.

At Born In Color, you will find exquisite minimalist furniture in the best traditions of Scandinavian style. Visit Danish Design for their wide range of furniture, from sofas to floor lamps, that will not leave you indifferent.

Shop at Galanga Living for eclectic Scandinavian wooden interiors that will be the highlight of your home.

The Scandinavian style in the interior is a whole philosophy, which is sometimes difficult to understand for a Singaporean.

How do we create a Scandinavian interior, and what elements should we bring into the home? The key idea of the Scandinavian style is hygge, an untranslatable play on words that means cosiness, comfort and a relaxed homely atmosphere.

Surround yourself with harmonious and relaxing things, delicate pastel home textiles colours, and soft plush and cashmere textures.

Create harmony in simplicity, do not overload the space with unnecessary accessories, and hide everything that can irritate your eyes. Add contrast with dark details in leather, wood or metal, but avoid overdoing it.

Bring a minimalist and functional Scandinavian style vibe to your Singaporean home. In addition to the standard neutral black, white and grey palette for this style, use muted shades of green.

Natural materials are authentic to Singapore, bamboo and rattan. Do not overload your home with accessories; use just a few genuine decorations to spice up the interior.

Large-leaved plants will also bring a sense of cosiness to your home.

Must Have Guide to Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

After a busy day of work in a metropolis like Singapore, you want to plunge into a simple and bright minimalist home.

Give up colourful and artsy details for your look to rest and nothing to disturb you. Keep your home neat, hide unnecessary elements from the surface, and start by developing a habit.

Use a neutral or pastel base colour for all the walls in the room, whether it be milky or taupe. Consume reasonably, do not buy more than you need.

An intelligent interior is what should come first to achieve functionality and convenience.

To create a minimalist house in Singapore, you will need to organize separate storage spaces. We’re sure stacks of magazine collections, old family photos, and grandma’s cutlery sets aren’t something you use every day.

Keep only the essentials in the home’s hidden storage spaces, in a coffee table or small chest of drawers. Make your space open and free from clutter.

Keep clean and tidy, and your habit will make your interior truly minimalist.

A minimalist room in Singapore should become your decluttering philosophy, mindset and habit.

Start with yourself so that the desired interior style comes to life. Consume wisely, and resist the urge to buy things during the sale season. Review all the things you have in your closets and chests of drawers.

Do not regret throwing away what you have not worn for five years. Organize stuff from the ones you use the most to the ones you use the least.

Provide quick access to the first ones. Hidden storage will allow you to get rid of the clutter.

The Most Critical Thing You Must Do When Deciding and Choosing A Reliable and Trustable Interior Designer

Avoid the Review Trap

Important Tip: Read Reviews From Multiple Sources

Identifying the most trustworthy reviews on Interior Designers

On these review sites that feature renovation reviews and ratings, the volume of reviews can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of reviews just on Singapore interior designers littered all over the web. Which websites should you trust and which should you avoid?

Here are four important measures to take:

1. Examine the reviewer

Examine other evaluations by the very same reviewer of the renovation or interior designer to determine how much faith to place in their opinions. Be cautious of "first-time" or "one-time" reviewers. Examine the reviewer's comments about items, companies, and products besides the one you're considering purchasing.

Also, look up the reviewer on social media and "Google" them. Some websites require users to remark using their Facebook account, so do some due diligence by checking throughly using method 1 above.

2. Go to different websites and read reviews like it's your last day on earth!

If you're in a hurry to make a get an interior designer, book an consultation or house review, or buy a interior decoration item before the "deal" ends, you might not have time to read a lot of reviews to draw conclusions about the site and determine whether it's reliable. Don't rush, always be patient else you will fall for the impulse purchase trap especially since urgency pushed you to make that rushed decision.

According to one survey, most renovation customers in Singapore make their ID selection after reading no more than seven evaluations. Don't cut corners. Compare reviews across multiple websites to see if there is a pattern of negative or positive reviews.

We know factually that Singaporean consumers are kiasu and web savvy and read over a hundred reviews on websites before even booking a consultation with an interior designer. Every homeowner should read at least 10 or more reviews, but make sure to check various sources as some can be misleading.

3. Be aware of reviews with similar phrasing or commercial lingo.

You may notice that an ID reviewer or "customer" has been using the same phrasing on multiple items or services in their remarks. This could indicate that the critic is getting compensated for their work. The renovation reviewer may also be a paid blogger for the interior design firm if they utilize precise terminology that is beneficial to consumers looking for a specific product. Sometimes, they are paid to write the review exactly the way the interior design firm handed it to them as a paid editorial.

4. Don't believe "extreme" reviews.

You can bet your last dollar that some reviewers will adore that interior designer or renovation company, while others will despise it. It is absolutely worth looking into a reviewer who goes head over heals over the top with extremely good or negative comments. They may have a financial interest to post that assessment (maybe it is a competitor or maybe he is being compensated). It could also be a fabricated, a complete fake.

What should you do if you suspect a customer review of an interior design experience is fake?

While there is a grey area on laws requiring reviewers to declare any relationships with interior design companies, some ID firms may hire relatives and friends to write evaluations or pay for positive testimonials to be presented as neutral recommendations. It's tough to know if the person is affiliated with the company, but a quick Search online on the reviewer may provide some clues.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is a style that is constantly evolving. If you dare to apply it in your Singapore home, keep up with the times and follow the interior trends.

Modern design is a synthesis of all the best elements merged in harmony, and it has features of Scandinavian, minimalist, loft, boho and eclectic styles.

Take the liberty of using a bright accent, and bold, eye-catching tones should be an accent, but not a base. Using geometry, straight lines, and angles will not go out of fashion for long.

Take care of the lighting, which should be functional and emphasize the details. Use metal, wood and even stone in materials, do not be afraid of non-standard texture solutions.

The contemporary living room in Singapore is not only about minimalism but also about bold details combined with the latest technology.

Explore the Art Nouveau style; it served as the origin of the modern style in the interior and can give you a lot of inspiration. Refresh your monochrome interior with bright and eye-catching details, don’t be afraid of rich colours and animal prints, and let your imagination run wild.

Metal elements will bring a touch of luxury to your interior, but avoid different metal shades, and they can look cheap. Add art, a modern painting and a vase is a wise investment and a highlight of the interior.

A contemporary design room in Singapore is more than just a home. Make your space a reflection of your creative side and stay on-trend.

Please do not ignore the essential shade of the walls, and it will allow you to equip the space in any way and change furniture without additional repair costs. Use a white ceiling to lighten up the interior and add fresh air to the room. Geometric patterns in tables and details will add seriousness and awareness to your living space.

Use black contrasting elements – window frames, picture and photo frames. Do not forget about your hobbies – add a shelf with your favourite books, vinyl discs or collectable figurines to the interior.

Finding modern furniture in Singapore is not that difficult. Large retail chains and private designer showrooms offer furniture and home accessories for every taste and budget.

Check out the unique designer furniture at Fritz Hansen, and their art nouveau pieces will add a retro vibe to your interior. At Cassina, you will find an Italian designer armchair to suit your taste.

Enjoy simplicity and luxury in detail with Scanteak. Wicker furniture has never looked so attractive as in Island Living by Cocoon, with no hint of grandma’s style, only straightforward and sophisticated solutions.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

Modern Luxury Interior Design ​

If you think that creating a luxurious interior means spending a lot of money on expensive furniture, you are greatly mistaken.

Burdened luxury in Singapore is achievable even on medium to low budgets. First of all, get rid of unnecessary things. Clutter will show how much space you have. Add modern technology to your home.

Many smart home systems on the market work together with your smartphone. You will not even notice how a wireless charger, smart lamp or smart speaker will become part of your daily life.

Use luxurious textures that create an atmosphere of quality and quality, such as velvet, leather, and gleaming metal parts of furniture.

Do not be afraid of aged items; many designers now give life to old furniture, making them play with new colours.

Add a hint of rococo to your luxury living room design in Singapore. Do not be afraid to focus on art: put your favourite vase in a niche with lighting, and hang a picture in the most visible place.

Use symmetry and balance to create a sense of grandeur and thoughtfulness. Add colours, but be careful with colour combinations, choose calm earthy shades, and trust the professionals of the Pantone Color Institute to keep your living room from being ridiculous.

Luxury living means quality flooring. Choose hardwood flooring from an expensive-looking natural wood such as ebony or mahogany.

Add elegance to your Singapore home simply and without breaking the family budget. Visit flea markets where you can find home accessories from the last century; they will take their pleasant place and create a unique charm in skilful hands.

Do not ignore the importance of textiles. Heavy curtains, a large rug, and a soft cashmere throw will bring cosiness to your home.

Add gold to make your living room look genuinely luxurious, but don’t go overboard. You can correct even the most subtle design by adding exquisite moulding.

Your Answers to Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design

Want to try the industrial style in your Singapore home but don’t know where to start? Create a manufactory atmosphere with a brick wall, natural masonry will look authentic, but artificial overlays are also suitable.

Look for those that look as natural as possible. Metal and wood is a simple and minimalist solution for the loft-style, another name for the industrial style. Create an atmosphere with vintage home decor, and if there are scratches and surface defects on the item, this will only enhance the industrial style.

I prefer silver shine over gold, so you achieve simplicity and unpretentiousness.

Industrial style furniture is a subtle design decision despite the visual simplicity and seeming clumsiness. You can buy such furniture in Singapore in several places.

Check out Nook and Cranny, where you’ll find stylish leather sofas and TV consoles and decor items to create a classy loft look for your home. Check out FortyTwo’s specially selected furniture sets for loft-style interiors.

At Danish Design, you will find a large selection of loft-style lighting and stunningly stylish designs that will not leave you indifferent.

The living room is where you can show all your imagination and reveal your vision of industrial style. Use the following tips to create a unique and authentic living room in Singapore.

Don’t forget that while industrial style is all about simplicity, you shouldn’t ignore both aesthetics and functionality. Add a loft with metal details and a brick wall, but don’t forget to soften the look with a low-rise wool rug and cosy pillows.

Add geometry to add a touch of modernity to the industrial style. Living plants with large leaves will add an eclectic vivacity to your interior.

How to Develop Interior Design Ideas

Develop Interior Design Ideas

Hiring an interior designer is wise if you want to create a unique and thoughtful space in your home in Singapore without wasting your time and nerves searching and thinking.

Interior design will set you back between S$35,000 and S$235,000. The price depends on many factors. With the growth of the area of the premises, the price of the project also increases.

Redevelopment of secondary housing will also cost you more. Also, the design may include rough work direct selection of materials and furniture. In this case, the turnkey design will cost you the most.

In Singapore, you will only need a licensed designer if you plan significant design changes for your interior. For example, the transfer of pipes and the demolition of walls require the designer’s exceptional knowledge and skills.

In the case of decorative design, a professional will not need a license.

Design 4 Space Portfolio


Offers over 60 interior design packages HDB, condominium, landed and commercial

Design4Space's greatest strength is their ability to turn a house into a home. Every project they work on focuses on creating a familiar, pleasant, and comfortable environment. Their team is accommodating and quick to respond to all requests and questions. Extremely knowledgeable, exudes confidence based on extensive job experience, and pays close attention to details. Their design was both aesthetically beautiful and functional. The craftsmanship was beautiful and delicate.

Singapore Excellence Award 2015
Singapore SME Prestige Award 2014
Building & Construction Excellence Award 2013
Outstanding Enterprise Award 2012
Bizsafe 3

Space Atelier Portfolio

Space Atelier

Best degree of individualised attention & service

Space Atelier's patience and comprehensive attention to understanding the client's lifestyle and demands, as well as timely updates on each phase of development, pleased us greatly. Refreshing modern and contemporary interior design styles were delivered, together with great construction quality. For a contemporary style, Space Atelier is the place to go. For each project, their team follows a systematic, step-by-step procedure. This level of organisation ensures that their output is always of the highest possible standard.

Spirit of Enterprise 2013
Singapore SME Prestige Award 2014
Building & Construction Excellence Award 2013
Outstanding Enterprise Award 2012
Bizsafe 3
Offers over 60 interior design packages
HDB, condominium, landed and commercial

Starry Homestead Portfolio

Starry Homestead

High-quality design + outstanding services + homely designs + 1-year warranty + insured payments

Starry Homestead's design concept incorporates individuality, elegance, and functionality, which we admire. Their design concept is based on the idea that a space's aesthetics and design are essentially an extension of you. They ensure that their customers have an active participation and are always a part of the design process with the support of their creative talents and interior designers. What's the end result? Absolutely stunning, custom-designed spaces with a warm feel that reflect their clients' personality.

Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018
Women Entrepreneur Awards: WEA2019
Bizsafe 3
Homely Design
1-year warranty
Insured payments

Links and Resources on Regulatory, Official Authorities on Interior Design and Guidelines

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Our Review Process Uncovered: How We Rate and Review the Top Interior Design Companies and Services For You

Interior Designer Rating Structure 1

A) In order to keep our site fresh, we only provide evaluations of interior designers and ID services that are both honest and useful.

Time to get right down to the meat of things! There is no need to dig through masses of worthless data!

You know what you want out of your prospective interior designer before you hire them? How can you make a more informed decision?

We want you to know that we believe it is crucial to focus on the needs and lifestyle of a consumer when it comes to renovation or interior design, rather than hyped-up trends that will fade away in time.

A review of an interior design service won’t be helpful if we focus on points that do not address functional aspects of a home owner’s needs. Our ID reviews are based on our own experience and observations.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 2

B) An examination of the benefits and drawbacks of various interior design services will be presented here.

Becoming familiar with each advantage or disadvantage of an ID service before opting to use it is an important first step. When it comes to interior design, there are a lot of aesthetic and practical things to think about. Hiring the right contractor or designer can make or break your dream project.

Our interior design reviews are a great source of information for home owners because they provide a bird’s-eye distinction between each service and give the truth about what an uninformed consumer would be blinded to.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 3

C) If you don't know where to begin, we've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best interior designers and ID services.

When analyzing an interior design service, we normally start with the framework and table of contents. We conduct tests, interviews, and reviews to compile a list of credible. This can be done by speaking with them, testing their response rate and service, or by gathering credible information from a range of sources that have used them before.

At, we employ an objective approach that would be the most effective in our reviews. Honest reporting on interior designers is something we do to avoid misrepresenting a renovation service while still giving our visitors the most accurate information we can.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 4

D) You should avoid hiring rogue designers who cannot deliver and have a poor track record!

You will receive greater value for your money and a more delightful customer experience if you are a well-informed home owner who has done your own research.

There are positive and negative features to every piece of interior design or decoration service. We believe in getting the most balanced assessment of every ID service.

Readers can compare their current or past ID experiences to others on our recommended list. You’ll always find something of value in reading our reviewers’ short and to-the-point summaries of interior designers and services.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 5

E) In this area you will find out everything there is to know about an ID service, so read on for the meat of the review. Take a break from the mad dash to follow the latest design trends being published everywhere.

The fact that we are a Singaporean-based review site with editors who specialise in interior design journalism, it is only natural that we connect visitors to services where they can engage contractors after doing their due diligence right away or learn where to get them online.

Customers in Singapore can discover more about their shortlisted interior designer by visiting their site or contacting them, as well as observing feedback from others who have engaged them, before making a purchase.

By providing an in-depth review, our evaluations help home owners save time and empower them with knowledge that would otherwise be hidden.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 6

F) We express our honest opinions on a wide range of ID kitchen appliances. Here, you won't find any overt advertising or recycled content.

Why waste time reading sponsored posts that serve little benefit to you? You want transparent reporting, and that’s what we do best at

When we are able to provide credible reviews and reporting, visitors benefit by getting first-hand accounts from people who have engaged the design company before. Because our editorial pieces on interior design and renovation are uncensored and original, our readers can trust us to give them reliable information that is aligned with their search and purchasing intent.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 7

G) Competitive research-Check out competing interior designers before you engage one. As a rule of thumb, check at least five before you go with one for renovation.

Our expert design editors identify similar and competitive services so that you always have options. We do not believe consumers and home owners should be limited in this way.

In order to provide our readers with the highest quality reviews, we rely heavily on benchmarking as a part of our review editorial practice. We do not believe this will be confusing to a reader; rather, we believe it will present them with alternatives if a particular interior designer or service does not meet a specific user requirement.

When it comes to , we’ve seen that customers are doing more research online beforehand. If this information is shown in a list, like the one we use on, it will be easier to understand and use.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 8

H) Here in our ID FAQ section, you will get answers to all of your questions about interior experts in Singapore.

When it comes to making a purchase on a big ticket item like renovation, knowledge is power! Consumers may have a difficult time finding reliable information on which designer offers the most competitive offers on the market. Other issues, such as renovation safety and compliance, also need to be considered.

Are you lost in the jungle of misguided reviews online for renovation? Or are you trying to find a niche contractor for a small, quirky project in part of your home? In our “Frequently Asked Questions” area, you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions. With this FAQ section, we hope to give you a comprehensive ID recommendation.

Interior Designer Rating Structure 9

I) a concise and straightforward assessment of the interior designer that cuts through the fog.

Everything you’ll find on this site is based on independent and credible evaluations. The last thing we want to do is to confuse home owners and mislead prospective buyers. In our reviews, we usually give a few key points about the pros and cons of the interior designer we’re looking at to help our readers make the best decision they can.

For this reason, we do comprehensive reviews to see if the interior design service can meet reasonable expectations. For us, the most important thing is to make sure that our readers leave with a thorough comparative understanding of the best interior designers in Singapore.

3 Surefire Ways You Can Save Money When Hiring an Interior Designers

How To Bargain The Right Way

Always Bargain, But How To Do It The Right Way?

Save money and get a better deal by using this method

It's advisable to ask for a discount on the price they've offered you up front. Do not simply beg for freebies or bonuses. Make it plain to your designer that you are receiving better quotes, but be truthful about it. Never appear overly eager to close a contract because this will make the interior designer feel obligated to them. You'll have to play hard to get, possibly to the point of appearing uninterested. Interior designers are, at the end of the day, salespeople. Because this is not a "set price" market, there is always room for a discount if they are having a sale. You will lose out if you are afraid to bargain. Seek advice from friends on how they negotiated that big contract.

You should have created a project brief and forwarded it to a lot of designers from the beginning. You should have additionally spoken with them and ensured that you were on the same page in order to integrate your goals and preferences with their design abilities. You should also request to see earlier work, preferably the actual structure rather than simply photographs or photos. And don't forget to gather your own references; you have no way of knowing how old or real what they show you.

Once you've chosen someone you like, the contract of works should spell out the agreed-upon scope of work, as well as who is responsible for sourcing fixtures and fittings, furniture, accessories, floor coverings, and photographs, and what the budget will be for those items. From the start, the entire contract should be costed and agreed upon. Any changes to the contract after it has been signed may result in additional fees, including where the design is changed at the client's request.

However, keep in mind that "cheap" isn't always the best option, and you might be unhappy with the ultimate result.

In retrospect, if you're dealing with a respectable local designer, you'll almost certainly be given a reasonable price. The cost parameters are determined by the materials you choose and the extent of the project. If you can't afford the charge, see if they'll do a smaller job and use less expensive materials. Some high-end designers may only work on a bigger project than you need. And other designers will refuse to work on a tiny project since it is not worth their time. Expect to pay a little more for a minor work. Regardless of the materials you use, you are spending money for their expertise and experience.

Buy Your Own Furniture and Fixtures

Buy Your Own Furniture and Fixtures

Get your own lights, fans, sofas, bed, and appliances

Ecommerce platforms like shopee, lazada and taobao have of course, furnishings and appliances which are readily available (some on a pre-order basis ) on their incredibly low-cost websites. I know people who are  regular shoppers on these platforms and spend hours upon hours on these e-commerce mammoths. Yes, it is literally alluring.

Heard the special terminologies and urgency gimmicks they have used? Think 12.12 or 10.10. They always have reasons for that "great big sale". Why not leverage and buy your furnishings there? If you take this route, you would not need to tag along with your interior designer on a leash and be led to lighting or furnishing shops where they can clock their commissions from items you purchase at their preffered vendors. 

You can safely plunge into the habit of buying on credile websites that offers everything at very low prices. While at it why not check out clearance items too?  You will use thme to buy anything from clothes and bags to TV's and shoe racks after you have settled on your home decor items like lighting, sofas, beds, toilet accessories, kitchen appliances, and the list goes on. 

Purchasing from these shopping giants will seem daunting at first, but i assure you it will become second nature once you get into the flow of things. One issue is that platforms like ezbuy, taobao and shopee have sch a large inventory of cool products that you'll find yourself hooked to the app and browsing for hours.

Because there are generally several options available, make absolutely sure you go through each product and then choose the exact characteristics you desire. Oh and yes, check through each item, delivery options, timings, estimated delivery date and lookout for sneaky add on fees.

Outsource to Cheaper Contractors or DIY Your Interior Design

Delegate your renovation to niche experts and DIY certain easy parts

Where do you think alot of smaller interior design companies get their work done? From subcontractors of course. But did you know you can get a subcontractor directly? Look around online, Carousell is flooded with them. Learn about their previous experience with comparable projects. Read their reviews. There are Singapore renovation contractors who prefer to specialize in specific project types like flooring, hacking, electrical, and the list goes on.

If you don't want to waste your time or theirs, be sure your project is within their areas of expertise. It's unlikely they'll be able to perform a good job on something that isn't their speciality. The benefit of reaching them is that you will most likely get a lower price than if you subbed that job out to your interior designer. That is because your interior designer often has to pay rent for a glamourous office, share his commission with his boss or other overheads. This is not to say that the direct sub contractors price will definitely be lower. You have to do your due diligence and compare prices. It's as simple as picking up the phone and whatsapping them for a quick quote.

For example, if you're looking for someone who has experience installing prefabricated kitchen countertops, it's likely that the renovation company you're considering hiring has no idea how to go about completing this type of project, so it's best not to hire them unless they've done similar projects, such as bathroom renovations. So always go niche, find the specific task you need done, if you need vinyl flooring then find a vinyl flooring lobang that has a good price point with good reviews and a stunning portfolio of happy customers. Also, observe whether they have been in business for a long time, since this may indicate whether they are trustworthy and reputable. If the subcontractor has been in business for several years, you can probably trust them to complete your project as well, which is something to think about while making your decision.

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