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Where Can You Find Good Furniture in Singapore?

Good Furniture Shops

Do you want to furnish your home in Singapore with beautiful and economical furniture? Create a trendy and inviting ambience with Megafurniture’s furniture selection; you’ll find a wide range of styles and prices to suit any budget.

Visit fortytwo to get low-cost, functional furniture at reasonable prices and take advantage of the site’s promos to save money on furniture and home accessories.

Have you been unsuccessful in searching for attractive, modern, and economical furniture in Singapore? We’ve hand-picked the top home decor and furniture stores for you, guaranteeing you won’t go empty-handed.

Visit the Korean furniture store Born in Color, where you’ll find high-quality, functional furniture reasonably priced. Namu Wood Furniture Mattress Center has the proper new bed for you, with the best orthopaedic mattresses from European and Asian brands to provide a healthy and pleasant night’s sleep.

In Singapore, are you looking for high-quality furniture for your home? Please pay attention to private stores that produce their furniture; you can find affordable knockoffs of well-known furniture brands here.

Soul Tables offers high-quality furniture with authentic designs and environmentally friendly manufacturing, practices, and entirely safe furniture. Check out Urban Salvation’s industrial design furniture, made of a unique form of wood for durability and elegance.

Buying used furniture in Singapore encourages sensible and ecological consumption and allows you to acquire unique vintage goods.

Take both aesthetics and usefulness into account, and give old furniture a second opportunity. Change the handles or repaint them to make them match precisely into your interior.

Your Outdoor furniture-related Questions

Singapore’s environment is humid and hot, which can degrade the durability of outdoor furniture. Fortunately, if you select the appropriate furniture material, you will not need to replace it every season.

Choose aluminium or stainless steel over steel as the material for your furniture frame. Although more expensive, a stainless steel and chromium alloy is more robust and can tolerate even salty ocean water.

When selecting a coating material, choose synthetic rattan over genuine rattan to ensure that your furniture will last for more than one season.

Outdoor furniture in Singapore is a beautiful method to participate in healthy outdoor activities without leaving the house.

Take a peek at OHMM, where you may buy outdoor furniture in any colour scheme to suit your tastes. By producing the proper certificate, the company ensures the quality and durability of the items.

You’ll find the best modular furniture for your patio at Woody Antique House; mix and match your liking, and don’t worry about longevity. We are supportive of furniture made from environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Top Rated Unique Furniture Stores Worth Visting - You Snooze You Lose!

Grey and Sanders

Grey & Sanders

Is it time to update the furnishings in your home? Grey & Sanders offers quality furniture for your home. This store is famed for its expertly-made solid wood slab dining tables, and it is even Singapore's largest retailer of American Black Walnut wood slabs! Looking for a unique sofa? Check out its extensive selection of customized sofas, which include luxury fabric and leather options.

The company is also a proponent of sustainability, claiming to sell long-lasting furniture. If you're looking for eco-friendly furniture, this is the place to go! For our home, we're saying yes to intelligently designed and meticulously produced objects.



While you're looking for furniture, consider supporting a local business and the environment. Doesn't that seem like a tall order? Not with Scanteak, at least! This is a local brand that has grown to over 140 locations in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. What is it famous for, exactly? Beautiful Scandinavian designs created from plantation teak wood that has been responsibly sourced. These pieces are both durable and elegant, and you can expect them to endure a long time. Furthermore, the classic designs ensure that they will blend in with the rest of your decor, even as trends change. Scanteak furniture will never go out of style, whether you're a minimalist or a lover of a breezy, mid-century modern design.

To top it off, you can relax knowing that these classic pieces are exceedingly simple to keep. The components, which range from bed frames to coffee tables, are meant to be used and will last for years. We particularly enjoy the practical present choices, such as condiment containers, serving trays, and key holders, which are ideal for any forthcoming housewarming parties.

Layard Interiors

Layard Interiors

The owner of Layard Interiors, Anna Layard, is a British/Australian art historian and social anthropologist who has had a beautiful career in the visual arts; that has taken her to three continents. She works as an art consultant and offers art and meditation retreats in Java. This brand and its founder Anna Layard's flawless flair have us completely smitten. Layard Interiors' rattan chairs, coffee tables, and couches are fulfilling all of our tropical fancies - the collection, which also includes gorgeous decorative items like as bamboo trays, capiz shell bowls, and fabrics, is handcrafted by artists in Java, and the prices are really appealing.

We believe this pick is undisputedly our choice for the most unique and intriguing tropical style sources in town. Give them a visit, you wont regret it! Layard earns our best reviews top rated pick.

We Clear Your Doubts About Rattan Furniture

rattan furniture
Although rattan is a classic material for outdoor furniture, given Singapore’s humid climate, it is not the most fantastic choice. We propose looking at pieces constructed of synthetic rattan; a high-quality synthetic material will look similar to genuine rattan but will endure considerably longer.

Unfortunately, natural materials do not hold up well in harsh outdoor environments. High humidity encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus in natural rattan’s porous nature, causing the furniture to discolour and decay swiftly.

Synthetic alternatives to natural rattan are recommended in Singapore to maintain the durability of natural rattan.

If you already have natural furniture, keep it away from direct sunlight and dampness, and if feasible, treat it with antifungal chemicals.

I Need Office Furniture for My SG Office

Office Furniture

Working from home offers both benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, you have all you require, but with all the comfort and distractions of working from home, you inevitably face numerous distractions.

How can you set up your Singapore home office so that your job is both practical and enjoyable? Make sure to test out the furnishings in person. Chairs and tables, for example, are best cared for while still in the store. Sit at the table and assess your level of comfort. Choose a desk with a limited amount of storage space so that you may always have your essential stationery on hand.

Consider orthopaedic options when shopping for a chair; while they are more expensive, they will keep your back healthy.

We advocate combining elegance and pragmatism while setting up your home office. You will indeed require a Power Strip with USB in addition to such fundamental interior elements as a table and chair.

It doesn’t matter if you underestimated the number of sockets at work; you can always use this device to connect the appropriate instruments. Consider decent Internet speed ahead of time, and run the line directly to the office to always have a fast pace and aren’t reliant on the router.

Choose small gadgets. Printer, scanner, and copy all in one. Consider ice lamps that don’t blink and emit a neutral light when lit.

In Singapore, not everyone can afford a separate colossal home office. Create a workspace in your bedroom or hallway. Between cabinets and corner spaces, create a nook, but make sure it’s well-lit.

Choose vertical storage to free up additional floor space. To avoid clutter and hide stationery and printers, use covered storage rooms. Use soothing tones that will not distract you from your work and help you relax.

The most critical part of your search, which requires extra care, is finding a home office chair. Our tips: – Avoid purchasing chairs and other essential furnishings online and instead inspect them in a showroom with the option to sit in it and weigh all of the benefits and drawbacks. –

Don’t skimp because your health is on the line if you’re looking for an office chair. – Choose an adjustable ergonomic orthopaedic chair that perfectly accommodates your body’s curves and movements.

Well Made And Tasteful Furniture Pieces We Handpicked For You - Song Bo?

Outline Entryway Cabinet

Outline Entryway Cabinet

Get it From Crate & Barrel

This entryway cabinet's faceted doors have a grid of pyramids on them, providing a three-dimensional facade of gorgeous wood with a natural finish that highlights the grain. This gorgeous cabinet will keep your out-the-door needs organized and close at hand. Two adjustable shelves are included behind the doors, ideal for storing outdoor clothing, dog-walking supplies, mail, and other items. The sleek hutch's built-in cord cutouts make it excellent for hiding speakers. With this elegant Outline entryway cabinet, a Crate & Barrel exclusive, make the most of large and tiny entryways.

Materials: Acacia veneer, oak veneer, solid oak and engineered wood Natural finish 2 adjustable shelves 2 doors Cord cutout Made in Vietnam

I Am Not A Croissant Sofa

I Am Not A Croissant Sofa

Get it From Nook & Cranny

Bold Monkey is an affordable design furniture collection for the youthful at heart. We like to think of ourselves as opulent, fun, and a touch out of the ordinary. Design enthusiasts that prefer the exceptional to the standard. We want to create discussion starters as well as sofas, chairs, and tables.This luxurious pink velvet sofa presents a completely unique style approach. With the increased popularity of curving sofas like as the I Am Not A Croissant Sofa, this is a must-have piece to add a bit of elegance and originality to your home.

Suspension: Plywood shell with UKFR foam
Legs Material: Electroplated stainless steel legs
Firmness: Medium Firm
Materials: 100% polyester velvet upholstery.

NORYA Queen Bed (1.5m) in American Black Walnut

NORYA Queen Bed (1.5m) in American Black Walnut

Get it From Picket & Rail

Natural textures, deep amber colors, robust structures, and the best finishing are the characteristics that make European wood furniture timeless. They are confident in our quality, style, and service as Singapore's #1 solid wood store for over 30 years.

Grade A American Walnut, Fully Finished On Top And Under, Metal Honeycomb Internal Structure, Solid Wood Construction, UV Treated, Anti-Microbial, Easy To Clean & Maintain, and 50 Year Material Lifespan are just a few of its qualities..

Dimensions (mm): 845h x 2040d x 1580w
Material: Solid Black American Walnut

Explore Our Other Expert Reviews

Links and Resources on Testing Reports, Regulatory, and Furniture Authorities

furniture SG regulations research best practices

How do we find the juciest makan deals for you? Here's a brief overview of how we review the best food in Singapore:

review structure furniture 1

A) As a rule, we only feature in-depth analyses of furniture pieces on our website that we find fascinating.

So let’s get started, shall we? Forget about sifting through pages of a manufacturer’s meaningless measurements and maintenance instructions! Before making a purchase, think about how your furniture will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your house or office space.

Instead of focusing on what other people want or are doing, we want you to think about what you actually need. We believe that it is essential that you focus on your individual demands and usage habits and make a logical assessment of whether the product reviewed will meet your needs. If your goal is to achieve a high-gloss, high-end luxurious look with your interior design scheme, don’t waste your money on a mid-century modern product.

Those extra dollars could be better used to buy other gorgeous statement pieces or perhaps mosiac tiles for your kitchen’s backsplash project.

review structure furniture 2

B) Is it worth it to invest in an expensive, iconic piece of furniture? Weigh the pros and cons.

In this section of our reviews, we state the benefits of furnishings in your home or office before making the decision to include them in your daily life. The perfect furniture can have an impact on your lifestyle, depending on your usage and how you take care of it.

For example, a lady with a lot of beautiful handbags may prefer to have a custom-made or fabricated built-in wardrobe with shelving and accent lights that is able to showcase her handbags. Or, she may choose the more conservative route of buying an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use shelving or cabinet solution. It depends largely on one’s budget and lifestyle needs and wants. 

It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each piece of furniture we include in our reviews before making a final purchasing decision.

review structure furniture 3

C) We don't give you a large list of furniture choices and locations where you may find them; instead, we give you a concise description.

It’s common to begin a furniture evaluation by looking at its structure and table of contents. Leave it to us to put together a selection of the best and most up-to-date pieces of furniture. In addition to a hands-on evaluation, we also acquire information from reliable sources such as furniture showrooms, galleries, and industry experts.

Taking a careful look at our editorial reviews is the best way to approach them. We want to represent a product as accurately as possible. We report article reviews transparently, especially on all things furniture in Singapore, so that our visitors get the most accurate facts, dimensions, and care information.

review structure furniture 4

D) For a fair look at a piece of furniture, we need to point out both its good and bad points.

Cluttering your home senselessly with furniture is a waste of time, space, and money. Sure, it may look great and cute online and in-store, but does your home really need it?

Will it look out of place, matching your interiors and cross-complimenting your other furniture pieces? Do you even have a place in mind to put it? The last thing you want to do is to hoard stuff.

So choose your pieces very wisely, otherwise you may find yourself having the habit of buying and throwing furnitur every year for all kinds of reasons.

This section allows the reader to see how our recommended products compare against other products on the market. Whether you’re a casual office user who knows next to nothing about furnishing quality or whether you’re an expert who lives and breathes interior decoration, you’ll benefit from our product reviews and buying guides.

Our furniture editors are known for writing reviews of beautiful and functional pieces that get right to the point and don’t waste time.

review structure furniture 5

E) With the help of this area, you can make an informed purchase decision.

Put an end to your never-ending quest for the trendiest, sleekest TV console that your girlfriends are raving about. Style is individualistic, and function is personal.

When it comes to connecting our visitors to places where they can make fast and educated purchases or learn about the best places to shop for furnishings online in Singapore, we’ve got it covered.

Before making a purchase, Singaporeans who are interested in interior design can use the links to find out more about the pieces they want, the brand’s history, shipping costs, and reviews from other customers.

With our furniture reviews, customers will be able to skip straight to the place where they may make a purchase, saving them valuable time in their research.


review structure furniture 6

F) We're happy to share our expertise on a wide selection of home and lifestyle products with you. You won't find any annoying ads or recycled content on our site!

Do not waste your precious time reading low-quality reviews on the internet. First-hand testimonials from actual customers are what our reviews are all about. Our readers know they can rely on our editorial thoughts on furniture in Singapore because they are well-written, to the point, and 

It is our job to tell you more than just the piece’s dimensions and material composition. For example, we discuss the item’s quality rating and the history and culture of its origins. Our reviews come to life thanks to the energy we put into them.

review structure furniture 7

G) Before you buy a piece of furniture, you should compare it to its closest competitors so you can make an informed choice.

The correct office and home furnishings can enhance your quality of life. Benchmarking is an important part of how we review things, and it helps us make sure we’re being fair and objective for our users.

We’ve seen that customers are doing more research online before making a purchase. By providing a comprehensive list of the best we’ve chosen, we’ll make it easier, faster, and more valuable for users to find out about current furniture trends and popular materials and styles.

review structure furniture 8

H) In this FAQ section, you'll find all the answers to your furnishing-related queries.

Consumers that are well-informed have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips. Consumers may find it challenging to find reviews or other relevant information on the latest and best furniture on the market. Before deciding to buy something, it’s important to look at how well it’s built, how well it can stand up to the weather and other environmental stresses, and how friendly it is to the environment.

Let us know what you need help with and we’ll help get your BTO apartment ready for you. Is it possible that you’re simply looking to cut costs? The “Frequently Requested Questions” section contains solutions to the most frequently asked questions.

We’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to our editorial reviews so that we can better answer the many questions and doubts our readers have.

review structure furniture 9

I) Each review concludes with a clear and comprehensive assessment of the subject under consideration.

Everything you’ll find on this site is based on first-hand knowledge and usability testing in real-world settings. A deluge of furniture reviews on other platforms can leave shoppers feeling confused and misinformed. In order for our readers to make an informed decision, they need to know the pros and cons of the products we’re evaluating.

This summary section typically influences consumers the most as it leaves the last or final impression that is more likely to be remembered. We keep an authentic posture when providing our parting summary of the furniture review. 

LOBANG ALERT! Where to find Clearance Furniture Deals & Firesales

Ikea Asis Corner

Ikea Asis Corner

At IKEA Alexandra

Hey very few Singaporeans know about this lobang but IKEA has an AS-IS corner where you can get furniture at crazy slashed down prices. Take a look at the AS-IS Bargain Corner's distinctive price tag! All AS-IS Bargain Corner products have a separate price tag with the regular price and a percentage off. You can carry your desired products straight to the checkout counter.

AS-IS Displayed Products are items that are displayed in stores or at events. Some of the furniture have been discontinued,  or have some minor damage in its packaging. Have you wondered where some of the products that customers return to IKEA go to? Well, that's right... the AS-IS corner. Expect flaws and imperfections here and there. But generally, you can find incredible deals there with some bearing perfect form and condition.

Hipvan Deals

Hipvan Deals

Click here for Hipvan Clearance Section Online

Hipvan has a crazy clearance section where you can find clearance and display sets at massive savings. Did not know? Now you do. If you're looking for high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost, you've come to the perfect place! You'll find the best discounts in town with significantly discounted rates and periodic furniture warehouse sales. They guarantee it.

Finding the perfect piece of furniture can be difficult at times. In Singapore, there are various furniture stores that provide high-quality, visually appealing furniture at extravagant prices.

Fortunately, HipVan is here to make your life easier by making furniture shopping a breeze. Their goal has always been to give you the finest value and prices for the furniture you purchase. They reduced our reliance on middlemen, allowing them to lower our furniture pricing and provide special offers. As a result, you benefit from the savings! Doesn't it sound like a great deal?

Alamak! Carousell La!

Alamak! Carousell La!

Where else???

Carousell's deals are great. No doubt. But you have to know the ins and outs of how to search for deals.

Try searching for terms like "Clearance" or "Firesale" or "Discount" or "Reduced" followed by the furniture piece you want.

Remember the filter is also your best friend. Filter by price from lowest to highest and set the minimum amount to a realistic price that you want to purchase it at. This will help you to sieve away the irrelevant and nonsensical listings that are not related to your search on Carousell.

Be realistic and don't expect your furniture to arrive as in pictured. Do your due diligence by asking the seller about the condition, warranties and go for a bargain.

You would be surprised at how people in Singapore are letting go of pristine condition furniture at drop dead low prices. It can be a steal, but you need luck and timing too!

3.6K ratings